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Chalmers Stone Church Walpole Presbyterian Church  and

Knox Presbyterian Church Jarvis


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Reverend Richard Warne

Chalmers Presbyterian Church Walpole and Knox Presbyterian Church Jarvis is a long established two-point charge. Reverend Richard Warne affectionately known as RevRick, takes care of the pastoral needs of both Congregations.
Both churches are committed to developing a worship life that includes all age groups. They share many similarities but have some programs unique to each.


Chalmers Stone Church Walpole:
  • Sunday School: presently there are 16 children enrolled.
  • The Sunday school program is conducted during the worship service.
  • Each year they host a potluck supper and Christmas Concert which is well attended and enjoyed by all. In lieu of gifts for the children, the children donate to a worthy cause in the community.
  • During the months of October through April there is a social hour following Church service.
  • The Congregation keeps connected by having game nights, hosting showers for members, potluck suppers etc.  

All are welcome to attend

Knox Presbyterian Church Jarvis
  • Sunday School: Presently there are 3 children enrolled in the junior program .
  • The Sunday School program is conducted during worship service.
  • At Easter, the children and leaders host breakfast. The funds raise are sent to Sleeping Children around the World.
  • There are 2 “preteens” enrolled in the senior program called the Jelly Bean Club . The Jelly Bean Club creatively raises funds to sponsor a boy in Columbia and a girl in Tanzania.
  • Social Group is very active catering dinners, banquets and meetings.
  • An active choir leads the music at worship service  as well as participating in various Community Services.

All are welcome to attend

Since we are located in an agricultural community, both congregations work together for Canada Food Grains Bank and the local food bank.