Frequently Asked Questions:

How much storage space will our website have?
Each website on the PCCWeb is alloted 1GB of storage space. To best manage your website storage it’s advised to optimize file sizes of photos and documents uploaded to your website. Also, posting videos to YouTube and embedding them in your website page or post instead of uploading them to your website is best for three reasons: You conserve your storage space, take advantage of YouTube’s steaming servers for better user playback and benefit from SEO (Search Engine Optimization) by creating more links back to your website, boosting traffic.

What limitations are there with PCCWeb?

  • On the PCCWeb network, you will not have access to the code of the website to customize the layout and functionality, aside from the ability to add HTML in the main content area and some custom CSS.
  • You will not have FTP access to server files, but you can upload files (PDF’s, Word.doc’s, audio, images, etc.) through the WordPress media upload functionality.
  • You are limited to the themes and plugins available to the network. All currently available themes are modern, responsive themes that are kept up-to-date eliminating security issues. New themes will be added in the future.
  • We do not provide email services so you will need to use generic email such as gmail or outlook or purchase email services such as Google Gmail for Business or Microsoft Office 365 Business if you own a domain name and would like to use it in coordination with your website.
  • We do not transfer existing websites and code onto our network. Starting with PCCWeb means you’re starting from scratch, building your website using the available themes.

Will our website display well on all devices?
All the current themes available in PCCWeb are responsive, which means they’re made to change their layout to whatever screen size they’re being viewed on (computer, tablet, phone, etc.).

Will we be able to track our website analytics?
As for site statistics, Google Analytics is integrated into the network. You can see your individual website stats on the admin dashboard with a link to see all stats. Also page/post specific stats are available on the edit screen for each page/post on your website.