Arrival of our Syrian familly (CHOSYN)

Mostafa Yassine Ahmad Al Hussein (Father),
Bahijeh Al Moustafa (Mother),
Mohammad Ahmad Al Hussein born (6-Y), and
Yassine Ahmad Al Hussein, born (5-Y)

will arrive at the St. John’s International Airport 12:25 Sunday February 7. To facilitate a grand welcome, we will have no coffee this week, and will shorten the service, to allow travel to the airport for all those desiring to be part of the greeting. Please keep in mind, that while we are inviting a grand gesture of welcome, the CHOSYN team hopes to avoid overwhelming the family, and will be limiting the number of people traveling to the apartment to those required for initial orientation, emergency contacts, and to help with pressing medical needs.
Do pray for a smooth arrival and transition to this new life for the family.