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Rev. Derek Krunys
Office 709.726.5385
Cell: 709.687.7742

Rev. Dr. Ian Wishart
Minister Emeritus
Phone: 709.722.3769

Mrs. Elizabeth Glynn
Administrative Assistant
Phone: 709.726.5385

Glenn Chafe
Music Director
Email: …

4 thoughts on “Contact

  1. Bruce Templeton

    The wonderful Kirk Lobster Dinner has been celebrated for over thirty years. Come and join us in the hall on June 11th at 7 pm or have a “take-out” which contains two lobster, salads, trifle, white wine, etc. We are holding the ticket price at $48.00.
    Call the church for tickets at 726.5385

  2. Kim Marshall

    We will be having a Fall Garage Sale on Saturday, Oct. 18, from 10 am- 12:30 pm. Donations for the sale can be dropped off at the Hall the week before! Please, as you do your fall cleaning, save a couple of boxes of things for the sale!

  3. Kim Marshall

    The Fall Kirk Association Morning Coffee and sale will be on Saturday, Dec. 6. Mark it on your calendars, and come down for coffee! We will need lots of baked goods to make this successful!

  4. Kim Marshall

    Upcoming; we will be having a Sub Sandwich sale in the new year, during the winter some time! We will need lots of people to sell subs at their offices and workplaces!


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