ECS (Ecumenical Community Service)

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Ecumenical Community Services or ECS is a volunteer community service group that was formed in February, 1979 under the leadership of Ethel Bisgrove and Georgia Baxter of this congregation. We have three distinct services which are available upon request through any of the churches listed below:

1) Food Cupboard
This service is provided 12 months a year to families that make a request for food assistance usually in St. Lambert or Ville Lemoyne. Staple foods are collected by the participating churches and frozen food is purchased from our budget provided by monetary donations. Food orders are delivered directly to the clients in need.

2) Transportation
This service is provided to seniors in our congregations who are unable to use public transportation to a hospital or doctor’s appointment. A fee is paid to the driver and the client is responsible for parking expenses.

3) Christmas Basket Project
2014 will be our 32nd year in providing Christmas baskets (including both food and gifts) to less fortunate families in our community and surrounding towns. In 2013 we delivered to 270 families. This is a huge project with four churches participating including: St. Francis of Assisi, St. Andrew’s Presbyterian, St. Lambert United and St. Barnabas Anglican.

ECS is a real community effort and we thank all for their weekly financial support.  We are fortunate to have many volunteers that help with the phone calls, paper work as well as sorting, packing and delivery.