Hall/Room Rental

St. Andrew’s has three (3) halls available for rental on either a regular basis or for a single event:

IMG_1533    IMG_1541

• The Church basement is 35′ x 48′ (which includes kitchen*, stage and bathrooms) is located at 496 Birch Street in St.Lambert.


• The Nursery which is 26′ X 19′ is located in our Christian Education Centre at 485 Birch Street (directly across the street from the Church).

• The lower hall in the Christian Education Centre is 29′ X 40′.

* An additional charge will be quoted should your organization require the use of the kitchen.

Please note all rooms are equipped with tables and chairs.

Should you wish to reserve a particular hall or if you would like to preview a particular hall please contact the Church office (450) 671-1862.

There are many organizations that currently rent our halls such as jazzercise and the St. Lambert bridge club.

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