Mission Statement:
With strong roots in the Christian story we
answer God’s call to serve the community
sharing the new life which is ours in Jesus Christ.

Welcome to St. Andrew’s!

Every congregation which receives visitors wants to be able to say: “You are a visitor only once.” Unfortunately, that is seldom the case! However, St. Andrew’s, Stratford will do its best to make you feel at home for your time with us, whether that might be one service or several as you seek a new church home.

So: welcome to St. Andrew’s, the community’s first congregation of worshipping Christians. As a Christian, you are already at home with your brothers and sisters, even though you might not remember their names. As a seeker and learner after Christ, you are welcome in the midst of the congregation, because that is the way that we worship and enjoy fellowship, learn and grow together.

Whether it is worship you seek, or Christian fellowship at worship and beyond, or a place to learn and grow past worship and fellowship, our doors are open and a sincere welcome will come your way. Please make yourself at home as a child of God. Please grow with us in worship, learning and fellowship. Please rejoice that the Lord God has provided us all with this house of prayer and life.

Welcome to St. Andrew’s, Stratford!