Welcome to St. Paul’s!

St. Paul’s is a community of faith seeking to know and live out the teachings of Jesus, the Christ. Our objective is to be fully human, as God intended us all to be.

Our mission is to work to make a new kind of world, in the power of the Spirit.

Jesus is the authentic human being who has conquered sin and evil in the world, and has set in motion the remaking of the whole creation.

As such, the Church has a two fold task: we are to announce the forgiveness of sins to all who are seeking to become truly human, and we are to declare judgment on those who persist in dehumanizing themselves and others because of a continuance in pride, injustice and greed.

Our hope is for a new kind of earth and heaven, a world where we humans are restored to our true humanity again and there is no more war or poverty or domination or greed.

Our mission in Jesus does not take us out of this world; our mission in Jesus  takes us more fully into it, to work towards its healing and renewal.

Wherever life is diminished, we will be and do more!

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