Building up Family & Communities in Christ

We wonder at the Word Made Flesh

God has set a journey of faith that we must travel together and rediscover Christ and share the joy of the Messiah’s coming with the world.

With renewed faith, in Christ’s New Covenant,
we seek for our place in  Christ’s new and everlasting day

We live in the openness, the possibilities, of the open empty tomb
We are made a new creation in the resurrection that is in Christ

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We are a group of congregations that live and mission throughout Kent County, New Brunswick. Each congregation has special gifts and a focus on ministry that makes them distinct.

All of us  have a strong open-door policy, and together we are ready to welcome new friends into the fellowship of being a family in Christ.

We look forward to encountering you, and sharing in your journey of life and living faith.

Come gather with us as we worship and share in a journey of faith!!

February  4th Epiphany V

  • **Clairville 9:30am, Bass River 11:15am

February 11th – Transfiguration – service at Zion Cancelled due to weather

  •  West Branch 9:30am, Beersville 11am

February 18th – Lent I

  • * **Clairville 9:30am, *Bass River 11:15am

February 25th – Lent II

  •  West Branch 9:30am, Beersville 11am

March 4th – Lent III

  • **Clairville 9:30am, Bass River 11:15am

March 11th – Lent IV – Guest preacher – Rev. Dr. David Sutherland

  • West Branch 9:30am, Beersville 11am

March 18th – Lent V

  • **Clairville 9:30am, Bass River 11:15am

March 25th – Palm Sunday

  • West Branch 9:30am, Beersville 11am

Maundy Thursday Meal/Service -5:30pm – St. Paul’s Anglican Hall, Brown’s Yard with prayer Service at St. Paul’s Church. All are welcome

March 30th – Good Friday Service – 7pm – St Andrew’s Presbyterian Church, Clairville. All are welcome

April 1st – Easter Sunday

  • *Clairville 9:30am, *Bass River 11:15am
*The sacrament of the Lord's Supper will be celebrated during worship.
 **Services in Clairville hosted @ Atlantic- Pacific/Fillmore Trucking

We all are searching; and looking through life for answers

In faith, we search in the scriptures for God’s word to us and for us.
Awaiting revelation we hope to recognize as THE truth.

In hope, we live out those biblical truths, as we light the world’s way to Christ.
In love, we put what we have learned and what God has revealed into practice

Sometimes, the vision of what we should be doing and where we should be going is clear and easy to see. Other times it feels as though we are trapped in the foggy banks of unknowns, and  mists of hard-to-grasp reasons.

But when we come together as God’s Church we discover THE truth that God has placed in the lives of those who surround us. We recognize God’s Holy Spirit moving and speaking through the world around us. When we share our experiences, our troubles and triumphs, we share how God is speaking in our lives.

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We Rejoice in the Resurrection

We step back to view a stained cross, to wonder at an empty tomb,
and seek together the  encounter of the Living Lord.


Missioning in Kent County, New Brunswick