Presbyterians in Northern Saskatchewan

Thanks for visiting the website of The Presbytery of Northern Saskatchewan! We are a small group of congregations and clergy ministering in the northern portion of the province of Saskatchewan. Please consider visiting one of our congregations in your area on Sunday morning, and get involved with our ministry and mission.

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The Moderator is Coming to Northern Saskatchewan!

The Moderator of the 140th General Assembly
of The Presbyterian Church in CanadaStephen Farris-1 is coming to Northern Saskatchewan:

The Rev. Dr. Stephen Farris, Dean of St. Andrew’s Hall and Professor of Homiletics (Preaching) at the Vancouver School of Theology.

Stephen is an inspiring preacher with a passion for educating effective leaders for the coming church. You are invited to the following opportunities to meet and hear from our Moderator:

Thursday, February 19th at 7:30 p.m.
Worship at St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church
with the Rev. Dr. Stephen Farris preaching
436 Spadina Crescent East at 20th Street, Saskatoon

Friday, February 20th at 10:00 a.m.
Lecture at Calvin Goforth Presbyterian Church
with the Presbytery of Northern Saskatchewan
1602 Sommerfeld Avenue at 3rd Street, Saskatoon

Friday, February 20th at 2:00 p.m.
Moderator visits Saskatoon Native Circle Ministry
450 20th Street at Avenue E, Saskatoon
If you have not had the opportunity to visit SNCM,
you are welcome to attend.

Saturday, February 21st at 10:30 a.m.
Meet the Moderator at Wesley United Church
with St. Paul’s Presbyterian Church
65 11th Street East, Prince Albert
An informal gathering for sharing and encouragement.

TRI to Send Kids to Camp!


Approximately 20 years ago, St. Paul’s Presbyterian Church in Prince Albert, Saskatchewan began sending kids from their congregation to camp. In 2006, Sandy Scott and his wife Elizabeth ran a marathon, with folks sponsoring them for a total of $3100 enabling us to partner with Riverside School and send 19 kids to camp. The marathon, along with other fundraising events and sponsorship, including a matching dollar for dollar sponsorship from Malcolm Jenkins, has continued and grown every year, raising the bar in our fundraising efforts and sending more kids to camp. We added Westview and King George schools to our partnership along the way; however, because of other commitments, Westview was no longer able to partner with us.

The marathon grew into a triathalon. A few years ago, we formed the “TRI to Send Kids to Camp” Committee which focuses on fundraising to send kids to camp. It is a partnership between St. Paul’s Church, Riverside and King George Schools; Mona Markwart, principal and Kim Jones, Vice-Principal, of Riverside and Sterling Swain, Principal of King George and others have been excellent to partner and work with.  This fall, Shannon McElligott of W.J. Berezowsky School and Dawne Adams of P.A.C.I. have also joined in our fundraising efforts.

Along with paying the camp registration fee; transportation to and from camp is also provided for the children. Also every child receives a camp kit consisting of such things as soap, wash cloth, towel, bug spray, sunscreen, etc.

Four years ago, a cultural camp was added to our program, in which every student from grade one to grade eight from our partnering schools – Riverside and King George, spends a day at the camp experiencing cultural events.

Find out more about the partnership between the church, schools, and community in Prince Albert by visiting the TRI 4 Kids Camp website, and consider making a donation to support this valuable ministry.

Also check out the website for Camp Christopher where the kids from Prince Albert and all around the province are able to experience the beauty of God’s creation and a welcoming Christian community.

Saskatoon Native Circle Ministry

Special thanks go to the Rev. Stewart Folster today for being the first to send me information and pictures to add to the new Presbytery website. Stewart happens to be the longest serving minister in our Presbytery, having served as minister at the Saskatoon Native Circle Ministry since 1995 – nearly twenty years!

Check out what is happening at the Saskatoon Native Circle Ministry every week by going to the updated Congregations and Missions page. Speak to Stewart if you would like to get involved by volunteering during the week, serving on the Board of SNCM, or giving to the mission’s food program and ongoing maintenance. You may also want to help out with the Annual Christmas Dinner at SNCM which is scheduled for Sunday, December 21, 2014 at 2:00 pm.

North Sask is Getting Online!

This is the first post on the new website of the Presbytery of Northern Saskatchewan. We are a small, friendly group of Presbyterian congregations in this beautiful part of the country, and we would love to welcome you to one of our churches this Sunday or to one of our meetings of the Presbytery.

As the Clerk of the Presbytery, one of my roles is communication, so I will be posting news and events on this site, and trying to connect our congregations and ministries a little more. Please let me know if you have information, pictures, or links to add related to any of the churches. I’ll also happily post upcoming events that you want to share.

Rev. Amanda Currie