Meet the artists – 2018 Arts Benefit Concert


Wes Mason. Internationally acclaimed singer-songwriter Wes Mason from Toronto, ON is best known for his unique brand of heartfelt pop songwriting through beautiful and simplistic lyrical storytelling combined with instrumental pairings such as the violin, cello, and synthesizer. His self-titled debut EP, Wes Mason, released in August 2017 features the critically-acclaimed single, Worth It, and recently released, Consequence.

Since the age of five, Wes Mason has been creating music and shows no signs of stopping – pushing the boundaries of pop with his soulful tone and deep lyrical content. In 2016, he won ‘Best Young Songwriter’ at the 2016 Toronto Independent Music Awards and was named ‘Top 20 Artists Under 20’ in CBC’s 2016 Searchlight Competition. He gained accolades in the 2016 UK Songwriting Competition under the Teen and Adult Contemporary category for his tracks Settle Down and Touch The Sky. Three of the songs off the EP are semi-finalists in the International Unsigned Only Music Competition under the Pop/Top 40 and Screen shot category.

Wes Mason pulls from personal experiences and connects with his fans through themes of self-reflection, love, and heartbreak. In a musical fusion where Ed Sheeran meets Coldplay with solemn hints of folk, Wes Mason hope to provide listeners with an sonic out-of-world sensation as if you were lost in a forest of trees.

Website: Wes Mason 

Robert Little Glow Choir. The Robert Little Glow Choir, under the direction of teacher Marie Burland is a very popular, extra-curricular activity for Grade 3, 4 & 5 students. The 40 members of the Glow Choir enjoy singing together and adding choreography to make the songs more interesting. They especially enjoy performing in front of audiences!

Acton District High School Jazz Band. A student-led ensemble.





Acton Town Hall Players.  Delighting Acton for many years.





Heather Mascarin. Heather Mascarin is a free-form dancer and teacher and performs for adoring fans all around Halton and Guelph.






Natalie Longpré. Natalie Longpre is 15 years old and currently attends Acton District High School, where she has received academic awards while maintaining her honour roll status. Natalie is a very kind, compassionate and loving old soul. Natalie’s love for guitar developed a year and a half ago when she picked up her mother’s old guitar one day and began to self teach. She then began to take guitar lessons at Acton music. Natalie loves to play all genres of music from the Beatles to Guns and Roses. Her true passion strumming the guitar is Rock and Roll. Natalie’s goal is to share and spread the love of music, and let her natural talent be heard.

Leanne Monaghan. Leanne, mother of 2 boys, is the owner of Staying Alive Fitness, a full service fitness facility nestled in scenic Halton Hills. Her club focuses on healthy living and has a full range of fitness classes, a spin studio, strength training equipment, free weights, and cardio machines. She has been in business for eleven years serving the community with this boutique style club. As owner and operator of the Staying Alive Fitness, and the historical building, she is most proud of being instrumental in helping hundreds of community members take back their health.

She has become a sought after personal trainer, speaker and workshop leader, and has had guest spots on television in programs with Steven & Chris, Cityline, Rogers programming, The Weather Network and Clean Living with Tosca Reno.

Website: Staying Alive Fitness 

Hazzard family. Jake is currently pursuing his education in computer engineering and plays and teaches piano at the Acton music centre.

Walter is a grade nine student at Acton high and is a multi-instrumentalist. He plays in the high school jazz and concert bands and also the Acton citizen’sband. He plays piano, trumpet, cornet, guitar, and has recently taken up the accordion.

Kevin is a vocalist who performs at many events about town including Leathertown festival, Light up the hills, and Inspire Halton events.


Cora Bailey. Art has been one of my biggest inspirations. I have been creating paintings only for a few years now and I’ve fallen in love with everything about it. I am thankful for my amazing friends and family and importantly my mother for the encouragement and positivity towards my art. For the most part the paintings are referenced, recreating famous and popular art pieces but most of my are my own creations.

Editor’s note – Cora is one of the Artist Assistance Award recipients from 2017.

Janet Wilson. I am a career fine artist, an illustrator of children’s books, as well as a published author. My passion is oil painting, particularly portraits. Capturing light and dashing off the perfect stroke is my lifelong pursuit. In addition to my commissioned work, I execute small daily paintings and draw and paint from a life model weekly in my village of Eden Mills. My preferred subject is figurative, but I also love still life and landscapes, preferring the drama and light of the winter landscape. In 2014, I was honoured as a Guelph Women of Distinction in the Arts and Culture category.

Website: Janet

Laura Taylor. Why I Paint: A fresh blank canvas to me is as a poet puts pen to paper. The first touch of colour to the canvas is as the first words, beginning a journey to where, is unknown. It is a time to become lost in my own peaceful walk, freed from the darkness and struggles. Beside me, always, my faithful companion and personal trainer – Malaki my golden retriever. We begin the day with a walk to the park for exercise and good play. When we get back home he patiently waits as I brew the tea and set out my pallet. As I settle into my work his head rests comfortably and reassuringly upon my foot. Now I can get lost in a delightful way as I paint what comes to me…no plan, no pressure, and no right or wrong. Just letting out what is inside of me.

I paint in oil, and often like to put texture in my work. I am inspired by nature and its raw, true emotion. From calm, peaceful, welcoming and warm, to churning confusion, restlessness and everything in between. When I paint I step into a different world. I am there – seeing, touching, smelling, tasting and breathing it all in. Becoming a part of the vastness of it all. I feel alive and am often in awe of its beauty and power.

Trudy Priede. As a young girl, I always enjoyed making mud pies and today, in my retirement, I continue to enjoy my exploration in clay. Living in Eden Mills, my home studio is surrounded by cedar forests which provides a great deal of inspiration in my creative journey.



Cora Bailey. (See bio above under Visual Artists.)

Holly McKenzie-Sutter. Many thanks to Knox Acton for the generous grant I received this summer! With the help of the church’s funds, I was able to complete my three-month internship at Vancouver’s Georgia Straight newspaper, where I published over sixty stories for my portfolio on city politics, art, and music.

This past semester I continued freelancing for the Straight, reported stories on labour law in B.C. and Canada’s organ donation system, as well as participated in a reporting trip to Turkey to report on refugees and the government crackdown on public servants following the 2016 coup attempt.

This semester I will be writing stories based on that reporting, and continuing to freelance, as well as taking courses in virtual reality filmmaking and global public health.

I’m hoping to graduate in May with a strong portfolio and some well-researched pieces I can workshop and publish, and enter the media industry with confidence and experience! Thanks again to Knox for offering this money—as a budding journalist pursuing my writerly dreams, every bit of financial support helps!


Sobeys, Acton

Giant Tiger, Acton

No Frills, Acton


Coming soon – Artist Benefit Concert 2018

Mark this in pen – Jan 13 – our annual Artist Benefit Concert.

Headliner – Wes Mason

Also featuring – the Robert Little Glow Choir, Acton High School Jazz Band, the Acton DHS Drama Club, the Hazzards – Kevin, Jake & Walter, and many more!

Proceeds go toward our Artist Assistance Awards, deadline for application April 30.

Don’t miss it!!!

It’s a miracle, it’s a mystery, it’s confusing – Pageant 2017

Well done all for a wonderful Advent worship experience!!

The children always delight with their Christmas message. Their songs were especially wonderful.

Kim Petty Banks – seemed more managed chaos and generous than ever.

The three wiseacres – ever good sports and appreciated by the kids.

Praise band – well done!

George Henderson has made some photos available. Allow this little album to jump start your Christmas spirit.

Album – Pageant 2017

Join us for our regular service of worship on Dec. 24 at 1030 am. Our family friendly Christmas eve service takes place at 430 pm. There will be a Christmas day communion service on Monday the 25th at 1030 am.

Merry Christmas everyone!

Sunday school fundraiser – Dec. 3

On December 3rd a representative from Discovery Toys ( will be present at our monthly luncheon. If you feel so inclined to continue your generous support in helping update the Nursery and the Paradise Room with toys that better work with our new One-Room Sunday School program then we would be extremely grateful. If not then know we appreciate your prayers and well wishes!