Artist Assistance Award winners 2016

  • Marj Britton with Marcel van Helden (at right) and a fan.
Through the month of June, Knox presented five Artist Assistance Awards for 2016.

Here’s a little album with photos of the winners, followed by the news item about it in the new Tanner. Photo of Sasha Daleman still to come.

Congratulations to all winners. Knox follows your careers with great interest. Best wishes!!



Keep and eye on our Calendar

Screen Shot 2016-06-28 at 10.57.34 PMIt’s easy to find the details on significant up and coming events at Knox.

When you click on the Calendar tab across the top of the Homepage, you will arrive at the page for the current month in our Calendar.

Here’s the link to it: Knox Calendar

Coming soon: Strawberry Social, Canada Day – Refreshments by Knox, and our Saints & Sinners Desserts fundraiser.

Father’s Day highlights

mens chorus 091916

Men’s Chorus singing Sweet Hour of Prayer

What a dynamite service. Under the leadership of Glen Findlay, so many elements of this services were one-of-a-kind delightful.

Prelude music offered by the Kerr family set the bar high for the service.

The opening anthem took the form of a special offering for Father’s Day by the Men’s Chorus. Click HERE for an audio clip of their piece, Sweet Hour of Prayer. As I said to others, this piece of music gave me chills, it was so good. Judge for yourself ๐Ÿ™‚

artist awards 061916

Artist award recipients Neil McKenzie-Sutter & Susannah McKenzie-Sutter with Marjorie Britton

It was nice to support see two more young people supported through Knox’s Artist Assistance Awards. One recipient, Susannah McKenzie-Sutter, showed some of her skills on violin during the service – a real treat.

I quite enjoyed Glen’s mediation. He lobbed a few references out that that gave me a chuckle, such as Isaac was a joke of a father. He noted that in the Prodigal Son, one brother over-indulged in self-satisfaction, and the other in self-righteousness. Great stuff.

Here Father’s Day is family, with a tip of the hat to dear old dad. <3 <3 <3


Knox ‘massed’ choir – June 12/16

Screen Shot 2016-06-16 at 9.22.37 AMThe fledgling Knox Children’s Choir wrapped up its first season in a big way – with a combined anthem including the Sr Choir and the the congregations.

A joy to experience ๐Ÿ™‚

Thank you choirs! Thanks also to Pat & Christine Kerr who led the young singers through their inaugural and thoroughly appreciated first season. Clip below. Enjoy!

‘Oh how I love Jesus, Knox Jr & Sr Choirs, June 12, 2016

Slideshow – Sunday school picnic 2016

Well, thankfully Mother Nature smiled upon our picnic this year.

And Stan was able to capture some terrific photos.

To see all the pics, you can either wait a few seconds for the slide show to present the next slide. Or click on the forward and back arrows to the right and left of each pic.

A wonderful celebration of youthful vigour at Knox PC, Acton ๐Ÿ™‚

***Knox does have a photo policy. If for any reason you would prefer to have photos removed from our website, please feel free to send me a note at margie371 [at] gmail [dot] com.


Everything kids this Sunday

Screen Shot 2016-06-10 at 9.16.18 AMSet your alarms and don’t miss next Sunday, June 12 at Knox, where we will be celebrating the younger members of our church family.

The Children’s Choir will offer the final anthem of their first season :O

Artist assistance awards will be presented.

And the morning will end with the festivity commonly known as the Sunday school picnic, featuring kid friendly food and games!

To get you all in the mood for this celebration, here’s a gem I didn’t have a chance to post previously – the Children’s Choir signing ‘Down in my Heart’ from a few weeks ago.

Knox Jr Choir, Down in my Heart

Winnipeg Inner City Missions – June 2016

20160602_200608Photo meditation.

This image is part of the wall mural on WICM’s Miracle Store, a thrift shop run that many in the neighbourhood count on.

A grim financial picture meant the Miracle Store might have to close. But the Board has refused to let it go, knowing how important it is to the community, and continue to run it as volunteers.

So proud to know many of the good folk who run WICM, where are all welcomed unconditionally.


Healing & reconciliation


Bulletin back cover, May 22, 2016. Text by Vivian Ketchum

Last Sunday, May 22, was Healing & Reconciliation Sunday. This phrase describes the phase of relationship with our First Nations sisters and brothers in a time after the 94 calls to actionย  of the recently concluded Truth & Reconciliation Commission, led by esteemed justice and senator Murray Sinclair. It’s a phase that’s just beginning.

I was delighted to see on the back of our bulletin last week a reflection by our friend Vivian Ketchum. Vivian is a member of Place of Hope Presbyterian Church in Winnipeg, a First Nations woman with family roots in Kenora, Ont. She has many gifts, writing, photography and storytelling among them. Those who know Vivian view her as more than the sum of those gifts – perhaps one of her most dynamic traits is her relentless advocacy of underprivileged people of every description everywhere. When Vivian writes about sitting still, that’s a considered deliberate action for her. As it should be for all of us. Her reflection is brilliantly short and sweet. I’m including a screen capture of it her so that we can all have a chance to re-read it.

I’ll be visiting our friends at Winnipeg Inner City Missions, where Place of Hope Church is housed,ย  next week to help with some office work. I’m taking along one of the prayer shawls from our vibrant shawl ministry, a healing hug from Knox Acton as we step into this new phase of relationship with our First Nations brothers and sisters.


Bulletin front cover, May 22, 2016. Healing & Reconcilation Sunday.